Hancock Movie: Charlize Theron - skinny sexy, but too skinny?

I think that Charlize Theron is drop dead gorgeous. seriously, I almost swallowed my tongue once a couple years back when I was out strolling through Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles ( I was there staying with a friend who lives a block away from there - I'm not from L.A., I'm a Canuck ). The reason for this near painful reaction was because as I was walking along a secluded trail, A familiar looking woman came jogging towards me wearing sweats and headphones, and proceeded to jog right on by me.

To this day I believe it was Charlize Theron.

Yeah, I know: cool.

What has me just a little bit perturbed, are some recent photos I saw from the upcoming Will Smith new movie, Hancock. While the shots themselves were intriguing for what they revealed of the plot or the look of the actors' characters in Hancock the movie - Will Smith appears to be a powerful enough super hero to be able to take a fall that is strong enough to leave a crater in the concrete in its wake, and that Theron will at some point be wearing some black sexy, neo-goth garb that brings to mind the clothing from the Matrix movie that only looked good on Carrie Anne Moss.

Take a look at the following pictures to see what I am talking about.

It is Theron's clothing from these Hancock movie set pictures that really make me notice this one thing: Charlize Theron has really gotten skinny in the last Six months or so. These Will Smith and Charlize Theron Hancock movie pictures are dated from September of last year ,according to the source, so they reflect her recent appearance (one could argue). Look at the set pictures yourself and ask yourself if you think she looks too skinny? Is this just a trick of the light and angles, or is this yet another example of the pressures of Hollywood to always be a certain way to make sure that you keep getting the work? I even wonder if this might be some sort of personal reaction on her part against the look that she had to adapt for her roll in the movie "Monster" a while back? Meh, probably not, but one can wonder.

Anyway, would I ever kick Charlize Theron out of my bed for eating crackers? Or even for chewing on her toenails (she is probably that flexible)? No, of course not - besides, she would probably kick my ass if I tried kicking her out of anything...

I know that discussing the diminishing waistlines of Hollywood
starlets is nothing new and hardly original, I am really just mentioning this because I saw something that made me think, and than think again out loud.

Hancock Movie: Even more new photos of the next Will Smith movie.

I have got my hands on some more interesting pictures from the set of the upcoming Will Smith super hero movie. Like the last batch, these pictures give us a view of different aspects of the Handcock movie.

The first couple of photos show Will smith's Hancock interacting with some of the different characters already seen in the various new Hancock movie trailers. Also, we get a glimpse at the relationship between Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron, Husband and Wife characters ( is it just me or is it kind of neat to see Bateman and Theron back together again on screen for the first time since Theron's guest star stint on the final season of Arrested Development?).

That last picture is a good representation of one of the recurring themes of the Will Smith super hero movie; Seeing Will Smith Hancock lying in a crater - presumably a crater caused by his own actions, we are reminded that, in this movie, the people of Los Angeles are fed up with all of the expensive property damage that the title character has been causing on a regular basis. From the even the earliest trailers, we were shown scenes of Will smith's character smashing through overhead signs on the Los Angeles freeway as well as the destruction of a concrete park bench and even a locomotive or train engine car!

Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!

Somebody might be needing a mighty good Lawyer in L.A. sometime soon ...

A new crop of Will Smith Hancock Movie photos.

It's time for some new Will Smith Hancock movie photos fresh off the interweb!

These appear to be taken from various points in the film and give a good indication of what to expect with regards to the look of the film.