HANCOCK MOVIE: Cover Me, Baby!

So how is all of the Hancock movie promotional raz-a-mat-az coming along? Well, at this point I guess we are starting to see the typical sources of promotion: Hancock trailers in the movie theaters, Hancock movie TV spots, a hopes-to-be viral official website, as well as the occasional full back page ad for the upcoming Will Smith movie on the back of various magazines and comic books.

One upcoming cover looks quite promising in getting the word out or in helping to build the buzz on this feature: Jett Magazine has decided to go with a large image of Will Smith from the Hancock movie poster as their primary cover image for their Summer movie feature story. This issue hasn't actually hit the stands yet so I am pleased to be able to give you a sneak peek here of exactly how this cover will look when it comes out ( it has aJune 30th cover date).

Yep, that one looks pretty good. ( Thanks to Ginger N. Scott, over at the Johnson Publishing for this sneak preview)

I have also noticed Charlize Theron on a few magazine covers recently and noticed thast the cover blurbs even make reference to her role in the coming Hancock feature, however they failed to use any images of her from the movie on the cover. I guess since they were mainly glamour-type magazines, promotional movie shots would have been asking too much - especially considering that the sexier outfit that she wears for the movie appears (no pun intended) to be one worn later in the movie, which would just be another studio sanctioned spoiler if they started releasing cover shots of her in it now to various trade magazines.

Heck, I am starting to think that due to the cynical overtone of the movie, we will not be seeing much in the way of mass merchandising for this film initially (fast food tie-ins, toys, kids clothes, etc.) but that if it turns out to be yet another Will Smith box office extravaganza, we might see a delayed onrush of merchandising. (Heck, maybe even a Hancock comic book, which would be pretty amusing)

I guess we will just have to wait and see.


When you think about it, the internet must be one of Hollywood's biggest friends as well as one of its biggest enemies. The viral nature of the internet allows for the major studios to get the word out about any given project at an amazing pace, however, this ease of access also makes it virtually impossible for the those same studios to squelch any information once it makes its way onto the net: Once any tidbit of information about any current movie in production is ( for whatever reasons ) released to the general public via the interweb, it is gone - it is then way to late to close that barn door. Years ago, before the world wide web was what it is today, the big studios could just use leagal channels to prevent the dissemination of most things that the entertainment media might stumble upon before they were supposed to: things such as unofficial pictures leaked from a movie set, for example, would not necessarily be published or broadcast if enough leagal pressure were applied. Now? Forget it (remember what I said about that barn door?)

So what does all this have to do with the upcoming Hancock movie?

Okay, bare with me here because this is actually relevant to Will Smith and his new movie Hancock. I guess it is pretty obvious at this point that I have looked at more than a few pictures from the upcoming super hero comedy, and you would assume that I have dug up a few tidbits here and there on the movie which will be released in early July, but remember: I have only been making reference to information that is readily available to anyone with an intenet connection and a mouse. I don't have any inseider sources for anything - I have just been pooling together information to make things a bit easier for anyone else that wants it and in this way I have really learned a lot about this movie. Months ago I was already aware of things about the plot of this movie that were not necessarily supposed to be known.

Geez, you would think I was talking about the upcoming X-Files 2 movie instead of Handcock, huh? lol

Anyway, months ago I was already aware of things relating to Charlize Theron's character that I thought at the time were not really a secret or anything but now .. I'm not so sure.

**SPOILER WARNING** (sort of)

What was it, just over a month or so ago when we started seeing the more indepth latest Hancock movie trailers? You know, the ones that included clips of Will Smith's character claiming to be 'the only one of his kind'? The trailers that show Theron's character to be a cynical housewife? In fact, the official studio description of the movie includes reference to her character's pessimism towards Hancock and his efforts to rehabilitate his image, with the help of her husband played by Jason Bateman.

It is also in the latest trailer that we hear a sound bite that suggests that Hancock has actually been injured - something that must take one heck of an effort (or one heck of a punch). We also see a very brief glimpse of Hancock rushing to attack another character (looks like a blonde?) in hand to hand action right after a brief glimpse of theron looking sinister (who would ever suspect the frail and beautiful blonde, eh?)..

Here, for the benefit of those of you that don't have a movie toolbar or somesuch on your browser, is the latest trailer:

See where I am going with this? But why jump to the assumption you think I'm jumping to?

A few months back I posted some pictures, again readily available on the web, that showed Charlize Theron during filming of the Hancock movie; these pictures showed Theron in a slick black pant suit looking very nice and somewhat sinister. They also showed her leaning over and chatting to Will Smith while he was laying flat in a large crater - maybe during a break in filming of a scene where he gets his ass handed to him. What I didn't post however were the pictures I came across that showed Theron lifting a truck.

Yeah, that kind of gives it away, doesn't it?

I hope I am in for a pleasant surprise, but otherwise I expect to see that Charlize Theron ends up being the big villain of the film and that she is (surprise, surprise) a SUPER villain after we are all led to believe that there is only one super powered being around.

Like I said it might not be that much of a spoiler after all, but these days with the internet always there ready and waiting to 'pass it along', you are going to hear about it.

Okay, enough about me, I am going off now to try and get a ticket for the new Incredible Hulk movie. By the way, did you hear about the surprise twist in that movie where - just kidding...