HANCOCK MOVIE: If you like Super Hero movies and popcorn, get ready for one heck of a Summer!

A Summer of celluloid Super Heroics?

I was looking at the calendar the other day and thinking about the various upcoming Summer movies. In particular, I was thinking about the different super hero and comic book based or inspired movies coming out this Summer and realized that we are in for quite the flurrie of films with comic book or super hero themes in them, and it is just going to get crazier the further into Summer we get; for example, in June we have a couple such movies and they are all nicely spaced out which should help them with their box office.

June 13th will see the release of the new Incredible Hulk movie, with Ed Norton and Liv Tyler. Should do well and will not have a lot of competition for a couple of weeks - June 27th to be precise, when the Wanted movie comes out. (that is the comic-based movie featuring Angelina Jolie as well as a lot of tattoos and guns)

July starts to get pretty crazy. It starts on July 4th with the release of the Hancock movie (yay!), then just one week later it is time for the release of HellboyII: The Golden Army. Hellboy might not even take away top spot from Will Smith but it should take a chunk of movie dollars away from him one week after Hancock's opening.

July 18th brings a predictably big week to the Summer box office, with the high publicity release of the new Batman movie, Batman: The Dark Knight. This will take ticket sales away from all those released before it (duh) and will add even more competition to an already crowded summer super hero movie party.

You know, with all of these comic book-related movies coming out - not to mention all of the other big releases in other genres, I am starting to understand why many people are taking advantage of things like movie trailer toolbars for their PC browsers, it would probably save me some time whenever I find myself searching for the trailer to 'fill in the blank', lol!

As well, is it just me, or can you already start to see which films will probably be the darlings of next year's MTV Movie Awards, with films like Iron Man,Batman, Wanted and Hancock all starring actors that go over really well with the fans at these kinds of events.

Looks like it will soon be time to start buying my movie tickets online or find a good book to bring with me for those long Summer movie ticket lines...

Already Jonesing over Will Smith's new movie? You might want to try out the 'new & improved' official site.

Hancock is coming July 2nd, 2008.

... and if you came here looking for some kind of insider's opinion on how good or bad this film is going to be, well this time I can't help you (you should probably go to a site like Rotten Tomatoes or something since they seem to always be offering some kind of very early movie news and reviews.

Instead, this time I am going to take alook at the more 'official channels' regarding the latest Will Smith Summer flick.

I have heard (or read) from a few different sources that for Will Smith new movie Hancock (2008), there is a new official movie website up and running - or rather, that there is now a new and improved version of the earlier official Sony Pictures Hancock movie website up and running. Before, the hancock movie site wasn't even its own domain: instead it was just a subdomain of sony's main site (I guess it was more convenient to do this until there was some actual content to put up other than just the earlier teaser trailer for Will Smith new movie).

The new and improved official site has the usual access to trailers (also in HD) and world wide relelase dates (even before you enter the actual site).

Inside however the official site has chosen to go with the theme of treating Will Smith's Hancock character with a reality 'feel'; the site has included a series of witness 'home videos' of Hancock in action, as well as an ongoing fake blog of people discussing their local Los Angeles superhero.

Once you click 'enter', you are hit with a parody news sound bite from 'CZN News', with people complaining about the damage Hancock's antics have caused.

The site offers some interesting diversions.

I came across the aforementioned blog, "Hancock was here", and even added an entry to it! (Heck, why not?) I particularly got akick out of the fake postings from irrate citizens complaining about how a superhero is allowed to run around unregulated, comparing Hancock to police, EMT workers and firefighters who all have to abide by professional standards. Good stuff in an age of self - serious blogging.

I saw a series of witness videos and gave them a look-see. They were somewhat humourous examples of Will Smith's character in flight mostly. They were all actuall y quite well done.

The trailer at the site is the earlier one but still is worth a viewing just for the whale scene alone if for nothing else ("I don't remember that. Greenpeace does...." LOL)

The downloads section so far is pretty much run of the mill; there is a selection of Hancockmovie wallpapers, screensavers and buddy icons to choose from.

The Hancock picture gallery is also pretty standard with the expected snapshots from the Will Smith Hancock movie.

Something different here is the "Guess the financial toll" game. It asks you to guess the financial toll of Hancock's heroics. Yoyu get to choose from four different video clips from the Hancock movie and try and guess the financial cost of Hancock's actions throughout the chosen clip. You are also presented with some scientific factoids about Hancock's abilities. Afterwards the game tells you how close you were in guessing the financial toll of Hancock's actions. There are even fictional 'factoids' like the following offered up:

" Did you know? 60% of Hancock-related incidents occur between the hours of 10pm and 4am?"

That's a cute touch.

Finally, there are three action oriented games to choose from:
Crisis City, where you have to get Hancock off his butt and into action.
Urban Rescue, which has you flying around to save citizens from muggers while trying not to crash into the buildings (keep the property damage down!).
Flight & Fight, which has you flying and fighting through the streets at high speeds.

So, as far as promotional movie websites go, the Official Hancock movie site is definitely worth a try. For Will Smith Hancock could be something big this Summer and this site might be the place to get an early feel of what's coming this July.