Seven Pounds and beyond...

With the imminent release of the Seven Pounds movie, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the current status of Will Smith's career ... well at least according to the media, that is...

Mr Smith has been a very busy man this past month; Not only has he been making the rounds for the promotional circuit of his upcoming new Winter release movie, Seven Pounds, but he has also been seen on Oprah, basking inthe afterglow of supporting aswinning candidate in the American Presidential elections. I beleive that there have also been sightings of Will smith begging people to buy his Hancock movie now that it is out on DVD...

Seriously though, I think that there is something that might have been lost in the shuffle with all of these other events, namely that Smith has recently declared that after Seven Pounds, he will be taking aprolongued sabattical from his acting profession to devote more time to his work as a father to his child. Wow, pulling back from your career somewhat to spend more time with your family? That is so ... so ... responsible, and to be coming from someone firmly ensconced in Hollywood, too.

You have to understand where I am coming from here: I am a big Will Smith fan who loves to go to all of his movies and who considers him to be to an often dull film industry what rival crock pot replacement parts are to a failing crock pot, but I really appreciate his decision here to spend the next 8 months focusing on his family. From what I have read, his next project after his self imposed hiatus will be the Last Pharoah. Nothing like coming back epic, huh?

Will Smith 's New Movie

Some interesting new Seven Pounds movie promo-posters are released.

Hey there, I came across a couple of the promo posters being released in advance of the upcoming December release of Will Smith's new movie, Seven Pounds. One is a wide-board style teaser poster, and the other is a regular one-sheet for the Will Smith movie.

Here is the wide sheet poster:

And here is the regular one sheet poster for the movie:

I think that both of these posters do a good job of reflecting the film that they are promoting: both give the observor a quiet, staid impression of Will Smith's character from this film, which is what I have been led to believe is the actual nature of this character from any trailer material that I have been able to get my hands on so far.

Here is an official promo piece heralding the movie with the release of these posters:
Academy Award nominee Will Smith reunites with the directors and producers of The Pursuit of Happyness for the emotional drama Seven Pounds. In the film, Smith plays Ben Thomas, an IRS agent with a fateful secret who embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.
This should be an interesting film and it will be equally interesting to see how well it is received by movie going crowds this December.

Seven Pounds movie: Too gloomy for the times?

Are audiences going to be receptive to Will Smith in a dark drama this Christmas?

So it has been almost a month since the release of the first trailer for the Will Smith movie Seven Pounds, and I have to say that there hasn't really been much in the way of any noticable buzz from it. If you haven't yet seen it make an effort to do so just so that my next comments are more relevant to you, lol. Now I don't agree with anyone who is already trying to say that the movie will be too dark and gloomy and meandering but I am wondering how this film will go over with the Christmas moviegoing crowd especially considering the recent state of the economy: during the craziness of the Christmas Season, people want to escape from all of that and be entertained when they go to the movies, right? Well with the economy getting many of us down, are we really going to be in the mood for a dark drama about a suicidal and guilt ridden man? Or are the crowds going to look towards something more cheerful and upbeat, thining that they will just catch the Seven Pounds movie when it comes to DVD?

To be honest, it is pretty much impossible for the studio to do anything about this at this point; the movie was scheduled months in advance and it is far too late to pull the film from the studio's release schedule without causing some seriously bad buzz for it. The economy wasn't in the tank when this film's release date was scheduled. Who knew that a few peole might be feeling pretty bleak by the time this film came out?

On a side note, is it just me or does it seem that recently, Will Smith has been making an effort to alternate his projects: that we are getting a serious film then a more 'popcorn' kind of film from Mr. Smith? Hitch followed by The Pursuit of Happyness followed by I Am Legend followed by Hancock -okay my theory falters here, but he sort of continues the trend after by following up with Seven Pounds and then his reported next project, The Last Pharaoh (which I am still unsure about as to whether it would be in the serious catagory or popcorn category). Hey this is just idle speculation on my part but I just thought I would throw it out there. BTW, did you know that smith was recently approached for the role of Captain america and declined? Now that would have been interesting...

Will Smith's Seven Pounds movie trailer gets released - FINALLY!!

I have to admit to having my own private chuckle over this: not barely a week had passed since my mini-tirade against the studio behind Will Smith's upcoming movie, Seven Pounds ( Columbia pictures ), apparently dropping the ball on promotion by not releasing the film's trailer as of that date, and what happens ? Yeah, they finally released it. I don't think I was alone in wondering what they were holding it back for, and after giving it a few viewings I still don't see any obvious reason for the delay unless they expect that delayed release of the Seven Pounds trailer would have people thinking about the movie itself closer to its Christmas 2008 release date?


Whatever, it really just comes down to the fact that it is nice to finally have it out and now the wait can begin until the release of this Will Smith project that some are starting to think may be his next serious shot at an Oscar nomination. Myself, I think it is a wee bit too early to tell if that will be the case...

Oh, I nearly forgot: if you haven't seen the trailer yet (and I am sure that is why many of you clicked on this page while searching for the Seven Pounds movie trailer - thanks for that, BTW)you can simply look below and see it for yourself. Careful where you click, however; if you click on the flashing SWAT CASH battlefield image below that, you will end up at a site that i have found to be incredibly addictive. Consider yourself warned! lol!

Now enjoy the trailer (finally!)...

Seven Pounds movie - A teaser trailer - well, kind of.

It is mid September and we are still waiting for any sign of a trailer for the upcoming Will Smith Seven Pounds movie. I admit to being alittle bit surprised to be still waiting considering the film has a mid December release date. Maybe the studio isn't sure how advance buzz will go for a Christmas release with an expectedly bleak storyline.

Anyway, until something shows up I thought that I would share with you all a clever fan made Seven Pounds teaser trailer that I found on YouTube recently. at least somebody is willing to supply us with something. lol


I appreciate the effort, really, but I do find it amusing that the creator of this fan trailer chose to use clips of will Smith from two quite distinct Smith films with two quite distinct haircuts.

WILL SMITH MOVIES - SEVEN POUNDS: Seven Pounds plot synopsis - likely not a contender for most cheerful movie of the Christmas season

I have done my due diligence (ie. I surfed the Net) and found out alittle bit about the upcoming Will Smith movie Seven Pounds, due out in mid December 2008. (December 19th, to be precise)

The plot of the Seven Pounds movie is basically this: Will Smith plays the role of an IRS agent with suicidal tendencies; his character is supposed to be guilt ridden over something that has happened in his past and now has decided to help turn around the lives of seven people before going ahead and ending his own life. His plans are complicated, however, when Smith's character meets and falls in love with a woman with a heart condition, played by Rosario Dawson. I seem to recall somewhere that the reason he feels guilty about his past is because he was involved in an accident of some kind that cost the lives of seven people, but can't confirm that at this time. I actually haven't even seen any sign of any Seven Pounds movie trailer being released yet.

The cast also includes Woody Harrelson and Barry Pepper.

Here is a picture from the set of the upcoming
movie, Seven Pounds.

Will Smith's new movie, Seven Pounds, angers one local woman. (and her dog, too!)

I haven't yet really found out too much about Will Smith's next movie, Seven Pounds, but I have come across this clip of one lady who is not too happy about the movie being filmed outside her front door. It is actually quite amusing in the grand scheme of things. Like one commenter said, "at least they (the film crew) will be gone after ten days, but my crazy neighbors are not going anywhere - and I wish they would!"

Here is the link, enjoy...

HANCOCK MOVIE REVIEW: Serve with Popcorn - and plenty of butter.

Well, I went and saw the new Will Smith movie Hancock, on the weekend and I am ready to offer my two cents worth on this new Will Smith film. First off, I want to warn you that my comments will include some spoiler-ish stuff, so - be forewarned!

Obviously, I have been discussing this movie regularly over the last little while so you know I have been looking forward to it. Admittedly it is a Summer movie and there is that 'popcorn factor' to take into account. This movie is largely Summer fluff, but it is fun Summer fluff. Storywise, the Hancock movie starts off with a pretty straightforward premise: the daily life of a down on his luck, homeless and alcoholic superhero. This is something different and the director (Peter Berg) makes the most of it without going into 'preachy' territory. we quickly get the gist of the Hancock character's motivation and why he is the way he is. Will Smith doesn't have a lot of characterization to work with but does the most with what he is given. Unfortunately, too often his character is made to rely on recurring cliches to develop his character, such as the recurring idea that he doesn't take being called an "asshole" very well, or trying too hard to remember instructions (the phrase 'good job' becomes annoying after awhile).

Charlize Theron: Okay, I went out on a limb earlier and made some predictions about her character in this movie based on spoiler photos on the web and from the latest Hancock movie trailer itself. I predicted that her character would turn out to actually have super powers and that she would turn out to be the villain of the film. Soooo .... I was half or even three quarters right on this one; Yes She did end up having powers like Hancock himself, and yes she was in some ways an adversary for Hancock in at least a part of the film, but No , she did not turn out to be the main villain of the flick. Actually the 'villain' of the flick ends up being merely a throw away minor character who really only matters because he is put into a situation where he could actually do some damage to a superman like character having a really bad day.

Justin Bateman: His character was both interesting and frustrating at the same time. He was interesting playing a Public Relations rep with a heart (in more ways than one, actually). His idealism is intriguing, but at the same time he seems almost too oblivious to other people's perceptions of things as well as to the events going on around him until they are literally dumped in his face. Only because Bateman pulls off this kind of character so well was his character bearable.

Visually, the movie is mostly stunning and worth seeing in the theater, but the opening car chase scene came off (at least for me and my fiance) too much as a video game, with the CGI being a little too fuzzy for abig budget movie. In fact, this scene was the one that was only briefly seen in the earliest trailers and more fully only in the later trailers, making me think that it was a b*tch of a scene to nail down and was one of the things that was rumoured to be still being worked on right up to the premier date.

The film eventually tries to bring in some rather high handed concepts of pseudo-Mythology andReligion in the last half that had me thinking, "Wow, too much plot intoduced with too little time to fully flesh it out." Oh well, perhaps it is the makings of a future summer sequel; In fact it may have set itself up for future sequels ala Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty. Or then again, if it should give us another Evan Almighty, maybe it would be best if it was just a one off...

HANCOCK MOVIE: The time has finally come for the latest "Big Willie" fix!

Today is July 1st - it's Canada Day in ... Canada. Yeah, okay , I guess the title made that one obvious, eh?

Anyway the other significant thing about July 1st, is that it is the day BEFORE the new Hancock movie official release date (July 2nd) which means that today is the day when many theaters will be offering their familiar practice of offering an advance screening for whoever cannot wait until tomorrow to get their latest fix of Big Willie. By releasing the film officially July 2nd instead of July 4th, the studio is obviously expecting to be able to announce an impressive opening week total; however they will still be facing the same measuring stick as all other new movies this weekend, in that the weekend box office totals will be tabulated using the weekend totals - and just the weekend totals.

Of course Will Smith and Hancock should still rule the box office roost this Long Weekend. Looking past this point, the next question has to be: how will the film fare with the critics? It's one thing to have a strong opening weekend - this can be bought with enough money spent on producing fake hype, but staying power cannot be bought and that is what it will be interesting to see. An intersting piece of information about Will Smith's Hollywood bankability: his last seven movies (only taking into account starring role features) have grossed well over $100 million each. That kind of consistent success is something you just cannot buy - even in Hollywood.

Another thing I am wondering about is whether there is any plans in place to release a Hancock comic book; sure there is a contest out now to win a cover to a non-existent Hancock comic book, but I am talking about the real thing. I am also talking about a physical in-your-hands comic, not one of those online / ecomics that they offered up during the first season of the mega popular TV series, Heroes last year. Yeah, I don't really need that kind of comic: just another excuse to spend too much time in front of my monitor.

Okay I will wrap this up because I have to go now and celebrate Canada-Hancock Day, heh, heh. ( and I bet you think I'm kidding, don't you?)

HANCOCK MOVIE: Cover Me, Baby!

So how is all of the Hancock movie promotional raz-a-mat-az coming along? Well, at this point I guess we are starting to see the typical sources of promotion: Hancock trailers in the movie theaters, Hancock movie TV spots, a hopes-to-be viral official website, as well as the occasional full back page ad for the upcoming Will Smith movie on the back of various magazines and comic books.

One upcoming cover looks quite promising in getting the word out or in helping to build the buzz on this feature: Jett Magazine has decided to go with a large image of Will Smith from the Hancock movie poster as their primary cover image for their Summer movie feature story. This issue hasn't actually hit the stands yet so I am pleased to be able to give you a sneak peek here of exactly how this cover will look when it comes out ( it has aJune 30th cover date).

Yep, that one looks pretty good. ( Thanks to Ginger N. Scott, over at the Johnson Publishing for this sneak preview)

I have also noticed Charlize Theron on a few magazine covers recently and noticed thast the cover blurbs even make reference to her role in the coming Hancock feature, however they failed to use any images of her from the movie on the cover. I guess since they were mainly glamour-type magazines, promotional movie shots would have been asking too much - especially considering that the sexier outfit that she wears for the movie appears (no pun intended) to be one worn later in the movie, which would just be another studio sanctioned spoiler if they started releasing cover shots of her in it now to various trade magazines.

Heck, I am starting to think that due to the cynical overtone of the movie, we will not be seeing much in the way of mass merchandising for this film initially (fast food tie-ins, toys, kids clothes, etc.) but that if it turns out to be yet another Will Smith box office extravaganza, we might see a delayed onrush of merchandising. (Heck, maybe even a Hancock comic book, which would be pretty amusing)

I guess we will just have to wait and see.


When you think about it, the internet must be one of Hollywood's biggest friends as well as one of its biggest enemies. The viral nature of the internet allows for the major studios to get the word out about any given project at an amazing pace, however, this ease of access also makes it virtually impossible for the those same studios to squelch any information once it makes its way onto the net: Once any tidbit of information about any current movie in production is ( for whatever reasons ) released to the general public via the interweb, it is gone - it is then way to late to close that barn door. Years ago, before the world wide web was what it is today, the big studios could just use leagal channels to prevent the dissemination of most things that the entertainment media might stumble upon before they were supposed to: things such as unofficial pictures leaked from a movie set, for example, would not necessarily be published or broadcast if enough leagal pressure were applied. Now? Forget it (remember what I said about that barn door?)

So what does all this have to do with the upcoming Hancock movie?

Okay, bare with me here because this is actually relevant to Will Smith and his new movie Hancock. I guess it is pretty obvious at this point that I have looked at more than a few pictures from the upcoming super hero comedy, and you would assume that I have dug up a few tidbits here and there on the movie which will be released in early July, but remember: I have only been making reference to information that is readily available to anyone with an intenet connection and a mouse. I don't have any inseider sources for anything - I have just been pooling together information to make things a bit easier for anyone else that wants it and in this way I have really learned a lot about this movie. Months ago I was already aware of things about the plot of this movie that were not necessarily supposed to be known.

Geez, you would think I was talking about the upcoming X-Files 2 movie instead of Handcock, huh? lol

Anyway, months ago I was already aware of things relating to Charlize Theron's character that I thought at the time were not really a secret or anything but now .. I'm not so sure.

**SPOILER WARNING** (sort of)

What was it, just over a month or so ago when we started seeing the more indepth latest Hancock movie trailers? You know, the ones that included clips of Will Smith's character claiming to be 'the only one of his kind'? The trailers that show Theron's character to be a cynical housewife? In fact, the official studio description of the movie includes reference to her character's pessimism towards Hancock and his efforts to rehabilitate his image, with the help of her husband played by Jason Bateman.

It is also in the latest trailer that we hear a sound bite that suggests that Hancock has actually been injured - something that must take one heck of an effort (or one heck of a punch). We also see a very brief glimpse of Hancock rushing to attack another character (looks like a blonde?) in hand to hand action right after a brief glimpse of theron looking sinister (who would ever suspect the frail and beautiful blonde, eh?)..

Here, for the benefit of those of you that don't have a movie toolbar or somesuch on your browser, is the latest trailer:

See where I am going with this? But why jump to the assumption you think I'm jumping to?

A few months back I posted some pictures, again readily available on the web, that showed Charlize Theron during filming of the Hancock movie; these pictures showed Theron in a slick black pant suit looking very nice and somewhat sinister. They also showed her leaning over and chatting to Will Smith while he was laying flat in a large crater - maybe during a break in filming of a scene where he gets his ass handed to him. What I didn't post however were the pictures I came across that showed Theron lifting a truck.

Yeah, that kind of gives it away, doesn't it?

I hope I am in for a pleasant surprise, but otherwise I expect to see that Charlize Theron ends up being the big villain of the film and that she is (surprise, surprise) a SUPER villain after we are all led to believe that there is only one super powered being around.

Like I said it might not be that much of a spoiler after all, but these days with the internet always there ready and waiting to 'pass it along', you are going to hear about it.

Okay, enough about me, I am going off now to try and get a ticket for the new Incredible Hulk movie. By the way, did you hear about the surprise twist in that movie where - just kidding...

HANCOCK MOVIE: If you like Super Hero movies and popcorn, get ready for one heck of a Summer!

A Summer of celluloid Super Heroics?

I was looking at the calendar the other day and thinking about the various upcoming Summer movies. In particular, I was thinking about the different super hero and comic book based or inspired movies coming out this Summer and realized that we are in for quite the flurrie of films with comic book or super hero themes in them, and it is just going to get crazier the further into Summer we get; for example, in June we have a couple such movies and they are all nicely spaced out which should help them with their box office.

June 13th will see the release of the new Incredible Hulk movie, with Ed Norton and Liv Tyler. Should do well and will not have a lot of competition for a couple of weeks - June 27th to be precise, when the Wanted movie comes out. (that is the comic-based movie featuring Angelina Jolie as well as a lot of tattoos and guns)

July starts to get pretty crazy. It starts on July 4th with the release of the Hancock movie (yay!), then just one week later it is time for the release of HellboyII: The Golden Army. Hellboy might not even take away top spot from Will Smith but it should take a chunk of movie dollars away from him one week after Hancock's opening.

July 18th brings a predictably big week to the Summer box office, with the high publicity release of the new Batman movie, Batman: The Dark Knight. This will take ticket sales away from all those released before it (duh) and will add even more competition to an already crowded summer super hero movie party.

You know, with all of these comic book-related movies coming out - not to mention all of the other big releases in other genres, I am starting to understand why many people are taking advantage of things like movie trailer toolbars for their PC browsers, it would probably save me some time whenever I find myself searching for the trailer to 'fill in the blank', lol!

As well, is it just me, or can you already start to see which films will probably be the darlings of next year's MTV Movie Awards, with films like Iron Man,Batman, Wanted and Hancock all starring actors that go over really well with the fans at these kinds of events.

Looks like it will soon be time to start buying my movie tickets online or find a good book to bring with me for those long Summer movie ticket lines...

Already Jonesing over Will Smith's new movie? You might want to try out the 'new & improved' official site.

Hancock is coming July 2nd, 2008.

... and if you came here looking for some kind of insider's opinion on how good or bad this film is going to be, well this time I can't help you (you should probably go to a site like Rotten Tomatoes or something since they seem to always be offering some kind of very early movie news and reviews.

Instead, this time I am going to take alook at the more 'official channels' regarding the latest Will Smith Summer flick.

I have heard (or read) from a few different sources that for Will Smith new movie Hancock (2008), there is a new official movie website up and running - or rather, that there is now a new and improved version of the earlier official Sony Pictures Hancock movie website up and running. Before, the hancock movie site wasn't even its own domain: instead it was just a subdomain of sony's main site (I guess it was more convenient to do this until there was some actual content to put up other than just the earlier teaser trailer for Will Smith new movie).

The new and improved official site has the usual access to trailers (also in HD) and world wide relelase dates (even before you enter the actual site).

Inside however the official site has chosen to go with the theme of treating Will Smith's Hancock character with a reality 'feel'; the site has included a series of witness 'home videos' of Hancock in action, as well as an ongoing fake blog of people discussing their local Los Angeles superhero.

Once you click 'enter', you are hit with a parody news sound bite from 'CZN News', with people complaining about the damage Hancock's antics have caused.

The site offers some interesting diversions.

I came across the aforementioned blog, "Hancock was here", and even added an entry to it! (Heck, why not?) I particularly got akick out of the fake postings from irrate citizens complaining about how a superhero is allowed to run around unregulated, comparing Hancock to police, EMT workers and firefighters who all have to abide by professional standards. Good stuff in an age of self - serious blogging.

I saw a series of witness videos and gave them a look-see. They were somewhat humourous examples of Will Smith's character in flight mostly. They were all actuall y quite well done.

The trailer at the site is the earlier one but still is worth a viewing just for the whale scene alone if for nothing else ("I don't remember that. Greenpeace does...." LOL)

The downloads section so far is pretty much run of the mill; there is a selection of Hancockmovie wallpapers, screensavers and buddy icons to choose from.

The Hancock picture gallery is also pretty standard with the expected snapshots from the Will Smith Hancock movie.

Something different here is the "Guess the financial toll" game. It asks you to guess the financial toll of Hancock's heroics. Yoyu get to choose from four different video clips from the Hancock movie and try and guess the financial cost of Hancock's actions throughout the chosen clip. You are also presented with some scientific factoids about Hancock's abilities. Afterwards the game tells you how close you were in guessing the financial toll of Hancock's actions. There are even fictional 'factoids' like the following offered up:

" Did you know? 60% of Hancock-related incidents occur between the hours of 10pm and 4am?"

That's a cute touch.

Finally, there are three action oriented games to choose from:
Crisis City, where you have to get Hancock off his butt and into action.
Urban Rescue, which has you flying around to save citizens from muggers while trying not to crash into the buildings (keep the property damage down!).
Flight & Fight, which has you flying and fighting through the streets at high speeds.

So, as far as promotional movie websites go, the Official Hancock movie site is definitely worth a try. For Will Smith Hancock could be something big this Summer and this site might be the place to get an early feel of what's coming this July.

Hancock Movie: Charlize Theron - skinny sexy, but too skinny?

I think that Charlize Theron is drop dead gorgeous. seriously, I almost swallowed my tongue once a couple years back when I was out strolling through Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles ( I was there staying with a friend who lives a block away from there - I'm not from L.A., I'm a Canuck ). The reason for this near painful reaction was because as I was walking along a secluded trail, A familiar looking woman came jogging towards me wearing sweats and headphones, and proceeded to jog right on by me.

To this day I believe it was Charlize Theron.

Yeah, I know: cool.

What has me just a little bit perturbed, are some recent photos I saw from the upcoming Will Smith new movie, Hancock. While the shots themselves were intriguing for what they revealed of the plot or the look of the actors' characters in Hancock the movie - Will Smith appears to be a powerful enough super hero to be able to take a fall that is strong enough to leave a crater in the concrete in its wake, and that Theron will at some point be wearing some black sexy, neo-goth garb that brings to mind the clothing from the Matrix movie that only looked good on Carrie Anne Moss.

Take a look at the following pictures to see what I am talking about.

It is Theron's clothing from these Hancock movie set pictures that really make me notice this one thing: Charlize Theron has really gotten skinny in the last Six months or so. These Will Smith and Charlize Theron Hancock movie pictures are dated from September of last year ,according to the source, so they reflect her recent appearance (one could argue). Look at the set pictures yourself and ask yourself if you think she looks too skinny? Is this just a trick of the light and angles, or is this yet another example of the pressures of Hollywood to always be a certain way to make sure that you keep getting the work? I even wonder if this might be some sort of personal reaction on her part against the look that she had to adapt for her roll in the movie "Monster" a while back? Meh, probably not, but one can wonder.

Anyway, would I ever kick Charlize Theron out of my bed for eating crackers? Or even for chewing on her toenails (she is probably that flexible)? No, of course not - besides, she would probably kick my ass if I tried kicking her out of anything...

I know that discussing the diminishing waistlines of Hollywood
starlets is nothing new and hardly original, I am really just mentioning this because I saw something that made me think, and than think again out loud.

Hancock Movie: Even more new photos of the next Will Smith movie.

I have got my hands on some more interesting pictures from the set of the upcoming Will Smith super hero movie. Like the last batch, these pictures give us a view of different aspects of the Handcock movie.

The first couple of photos show Will smith's Hancock interacting with some of the different characters already seen in the various new Hancock movie trailers. Also, we get a glimpse at the relationship between Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron, Husband and Wife characters ( is it just me or is it kind of neat to see Bateman and Theron back together again on screen for the first time since Theron's guest star stint on the final season of Arrested Development?).

That last picture is a good representation of one of the recurring themes of the Will Smith super hero movie; Seeing Will Smith Hancock lying in a crater - presumably a crater caused by his own actions, we are reminded that, in this movie, the people of Los Angeles are fed up with all of the expensive property damage that the title character has been causing on a regular basis. From the even the earliest trailers, we were shown scenes of Will smith's character smashing through overhead signs on the Los Angeles freeway as well as the destruction of a concrete park bench and even a locomotive or train engine car!

Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!

Somebody might be needing a mighty good Lawyer in L.A. sometime soon ...

A new crop of Will Smith Hancock Movie photos.

It's time for some new Will Smith Hancock movie photos fresh off the interweb!

These appear to be taken from various points in the film and give a good indication of what to expect with regards to the look of the film.


Two new Hancock movie pictures have shown up on the interweb that show a different look for Will Smith's title Hancock character. These pictures show Will Smith / Hancock in some kind of costume which probably ties into the idea of the character trying to change his public image. So far these two images show Will Smith with a much cleaner look than is shown so far in the early Hancock movie poster or in the first of the new Hancock movie trailers.

Here you go...

HANCOCK MOVIE: Closed (Mind) Set?

Bad publicity storm clouds on the horizon for Will Smith new movie Hancock?

Will Smith, the star of the upcoming Hancock movie, may soon be getting some rather unwanted publicity just in time for the debut of his new summer film. A new article suggests that Smith and his wife, Jada Picket-Smith, are both recent converts to Scientology: a fact that it appears Smith would prefer to keep under wraps:

"Is he or is he not?

BY Janelle Oswald

Speculation about Hollywood couple Will Smith and wife Jada Picket-Smith becoming converts to Scientology has become more intense in recent months especially after Smith gave out material connected to the group on a film set.

The ‘I Am Legend’ star gave out cards for a complimentary Scientology personality test to crew members on his latest movie, Hancock.

Talk about the couple joining the new found 20th century ‘religion’, or as some say 'cult', which believes humans were descendants of an exiled race from outer space called Thetans, has also been made in the blockbuster new biography about Tom Cruise – Tom Cruise: An Unauthorised Biography by British author Andrew Morton.

Morton, whose book won’t be published in the UK due to strict libel laws, is reported to state in his book that Smith and his wife joined the Scientology congregation when he claims that the married couple of eleven years were targeted by Cruise because of their stature in African American community."

For the rest of the article checkout:

Okay, I just want to say this for the sake of getting it out there: who cares?

I know you probably came here because you were searching for some up to date info on the new Hancock movie, but I feel that I really have to say this here:

Really, who cares if Mr. Smith and his wife are Scientologists?

So what if they really both believe mankind has some kind of celestial ties to an alien race? So what if they find people on the Hancock movie set gullible enough to actually believe that a complimentary personality test is only a gift and not a recruitment tool? The last time I checked, there were no laws on the books that said I was not allowed to enjoy an actor's work in film if I didn't agree with his political or religious beliefs. I am not a follower of the Scientology movement but i think that Mr. Smith is batting over .500 when it comes to my enjoyment of any films of his that I have seen.

I am also not a right wing conservative, but that has never really stopped me from enjoying the work of Mr. Schwarzenegger - the only thing that actually has stopped me from enjoying some of his films is his sometimes questionable choice of movie roles, but I digress.

Anyway, until Will Smith goes and does something crazy, like jump madly up and down on Oprah's sofa to promote his next movie or forcefully hold his wife by the back of her neck in public as a sign of affection, I really will feel no different about him; he is simply an actor, an actor who does his job well and more often than not leaves most of us sitting in a darkened movie theater feeling that we have been thoroughly entertained.

Oh, and for the record? I also think that Mr. Cruise is batting over .500 for his movie work, too, but that's just for his movie work, okay?

Smith & Theron Shut Down Hollywood

Smith & Theron Shut Down Hollywood
11 September 2007 (WENN)
Will Smith and Charlize Theron's new action film continues to wreak havoc on Los Angeles traffic after taking over a block of Hollywood Boulevard for the upcoming Hancock movie. After causing major traffic disruption late last month when producers shut down a large section of the 105 freeway to shoot a chase sequence, the film, Hancock, has moved to the heart of Hollywood. The famous boulevard was shut down for three days early on Monday - and that was bad news for busy commuters who use the area for work. One angry driver tells WENN, "It's bad enough when there's a major premiere on Hollywood Boulevard - that snarls up the traffic. But for three days! Not evryone in this town is a tourist or a member of the film industry."


Everybody knows that half the battle in getting a positive 'buzz' going for a movie is in making sure that the earliest trailers for that movie are good; that they are put together well enough so that the earliest audiences who see them start to get excited about the project. Okay, I know: duh. It isn't rocket science, but you would be surprised how often a movie trailer is put together and... sucks. Just plain sucks. It boggles the mind that if you have one job to do for a film and that is it, why can't you do a decent job? Of course, sometimes the job is done too well from the audience standpoint, and the eventual final product ends up being so disappointing compared to the earlier trailer which was soo entertaining. lol.

Okay, okay, I went on a rant and I apologize. I guess what I should say is that the new Hancock movie trailer is one of those that falls into the category of showing just enough to get me interested; it has piqued my curiosity.

So, to view the newest HANCOCK MOVIE TRAILER, just look below:


It's actually actor Will Smith on set during the filming of his new Super Hero movie, Hancock. I am just left wondering now if the inevitable onslaught of Hancock-related merchandise will include Hancock movie action figures? If it does, will we see one which features Hancock with 'car lifting action'?


I am going to guess that more people have probably actually seen the new Hancock movie trailer than seen the latest Hancock movie poster at this point; it is just the nature of the beast really. In a world where it is easier to go and search the interweb for information, I am more likely to find links to a new movie's trailer as I am to find links to the official movie posters. Videos have more sizzle, I guess, and are considered an effective way to pull people to a website.

Regardless, I still usually like to check out the official movie poster for a film before it comes out to get an early idea of how a film is going to be promoted visually. Okay, that sounded pretty high-fallootin, but I thibnk you can see where I'm coming from. Here now is a sneak peek at the new Hancock movie poster:

Okay, after looking at this does anybody else feel like this poster image is very similar to one of the main posters released for Spider-man II a few years back? Basically, the visual of will Smith's eye-wear reflecting what is ahead of him. In the Spider-man II poster, we could see from Spidey's eye covers that he was coming face-to-face with Doctor Octopus. This isn't a complaint, mind you, just an observation. Overall I think that this poster works.

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