I am going to guess that more people have probably actually seen the new Hancock movie trailer than seen the latest Hancock movie poster at this point; it is just the nature of the beast really. In a world where it is easier to go and search the interweb for information, I am more likely to find links to a new movie's trailer as I am to find links to the official movie posters. Videos have more sizzle, I guess, and are considered an effective way to pull people to a website.

Regardless, I still usually like to check out the official movie poster for a film before it comes out to get an early idea of how a film is going to be promoted visually. Okay, that sounded pretty high-fallootin, but I thibnk you can see where I'm coming from. Here now is a sneak peek at the new Hancock movie poster:

Okay, after looking at this does anybody else feel like this poster image is very similar to one of the main posters released for Spider-man II a few years back? Basically, the visual of will Smith's eye-wear reflecting what is ahead of him. In the Spider-man II poster, we could see from Spidey's eye covers that he was coming face-to-face with Doctor Octopus. This isn't a complaint, mind you, just an observation. Overall I think that this poster works.

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