HANCOCK MOVIE: Cover Me, Baby!

So how is all of the Hancock movie promotional raz-a-mat-az coming along? Well, at this point I guess we are starting to see the typical sources of promotion: Hancock trailers in the movie theaters, Hancock movie TV spots, a hopes-to-be viral official website, as well as the occasional full back page ad for the upcoming Will Smith movie on the back of various magazines and comic books.

One upcoming cover looks quite promising in getting the word out or in helping to build the buzz on this feature: Jett Magazine has decided to go with a large image of Will Smith from the Hancock movie poster as their primary cover image for their Summer movie feature story. This issue hasn't actually hit the stands yet so I am pleased to be able to give you a sneak peek here of exactly how this cover will look when it comes out ( it has aJune 30th cover date).

Yep, that one looks pretty good. ( Thanks to Ginger N. Scott, over at the Johnson Publishing for this sneak preview)

I have also noticed Charlize Theron on a few magazine covers recently and noticed thast the cover blurbs even make reference to her role in the coming Hancock feature, however they failed to use any images of her from the movie on the cover. I guess since they were mainly glamour-type magazines, promotional movie shots would have been asking too much - especially considering that the sexier outfit that she wears for the movie appears (no pun intended) to be one worn later in the movie, which would just be another studio sanctioned spoiler if they started releasing cover shots of her in it now to various trade magazines.

Heck, I am starting to think that due to the cynical overtone of the movie, we will not be seeing much in the way of mass merchandising for this film initially (fast food tie-ins, toys, kids clothes, etc.) but that if it turns out to be yet another Will Smith box office extravaganza, we might see a delayed onrush of merchandising. (Heck, maybe even a Hancock comic book, which would be pretty amusing)

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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