WILL SMITH MOVIES - SEVEN POUNDS: Seven Pounds plot synopsis - likely not a contender for most cheerful movie of the Christmas season

I have done my due diligence (ie. I surfed the Net) and found out alittle bit about the upcoming Will Smith movie Seven Pounds, due out in mid December 2008. (December 19th, to be precise)

The plot of the Seven Pounds movie is basically this: Will Smith plays the role of an IRS agent with suicidal tendencies; his character is supposed to be guilt ridden over something that has happened in his past and now has decided to help turn around the lives of seven people before going ahead and ending his own life. His plans are complicated, however, when Smith's character meets and falls in love with a woman with a heart condition, played by Rosario Dawson. I seem to recall somewhere that the reason he feels guilty about his past is because he was involved in an accident of some kind that cost the lives of seven people, but can't confirm that at this time. I actually haven't even seen any sign of any Seven Pounds movie trailer being released yet.

The cast also includes Woody Harrelson and Barry Pepper.

Here is a picture from the set of the upcoming
movie, Seven Pounds.

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